No more sync on start-up

Hi team :wave:t2:
Previously, I opened the app and Emma would automatically start synching my accounts.
This seems to have stopped. Of course we I can do a manual sync but as a Pro user the sync was to happen several times a day I believe.
Just wondering if the sync happens in the background and that’s why I no longer see the swirl when starting up Emma for the first time of the day… or if something has gone wrong.

Thanks :blush::+1:t2:

Hi @frosch411,

this feature never existed.

The sync always happens in the background. :slight_smile:

If the accounts are not syncing that often, please ping support, we can have a look.

How weird… but thanks for responding so quickly @edoardomoreni
I found the sync circle on the account tab on start up rather comforting :joy:


We always wanted to give a perception of “smart app” that syncs without noticing. :sweat_smile: :

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