N26 Discussion & Feedback

After finishing Uni, me and @antonio moved to Berlin.

We spent almost a year there and lived #fulln26.

This was September 2016 - July 2017. I still have my euro account with them, but haven’t used it ever since. It’s a pity I can’t link it to the GBP one.

How are you finding the UK offering?

Screenshots from the EU version:

i used N26 as my main account when i lived in Germany, it was an excellent account. I was really disappointed that I couldn’t get an account in the UK unless I used a different email address and support had no interest in changing it

Did you get both debit cards? They also had a Maestro one in Germany.

No i never bothered. I had N26 from its very early days when it was running from wirecard. The cash withdrawal feature in shops was a life saver meany times for the places that didnt take plastic

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Yeah, Berlin is cash-only.

Still the same I guess, only current account is available here. I kind of tried them and stopped.

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Yeah, you don’t seem to have all the options.

Fun fact: the pie chart was the 2nd tab, when they didn’t have Spaces.

Ye I’ve got one too, but short of checking its connection to Emma, I’ve gotten very little use out of it. Not really sure what it offers that the other challengers don’t :thinking:.

The prospect of N26’s arrival into the UK startup market became a huge discussion topic across the fintech communities.

It’s arrival has proven to be a pretty disappointing event. The UK version was delivered as a very trimmed-down version compared to its international offerings. Continental account holders were explaining just how different the UK account was in terms of missing features.

The best that those of us who signed up could say was that the interface is ‘clean’. That’s a euphemism for ‘not much going on’!

Then, when N26 introduced the ability to create more than the initial (4?) ‘Spaces’ or pots, as a premium, paid, feature, the damage was largely done.

There’s certainly no real energy being injected into the UK N26 account. Ultimately disappointing and underwhelming…

Yes, and it’s not even a current account, so not sure what they are up to. :open_mouth:

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I kept an eye on N26 when they first popped up over here waiting for them to launch which seemed like ages and I signed up immediately when they did but haven’t used it and not even thought about it. With already having a Starling and Monzo accounts it offers less than what they offer so I sit here writing this wondering why I’ve still got my account open.

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They are getting big in Italy apparently. There are ads all over the place in Rome.

N26 UK is still a massive disappointment.

Wouldn’t recommend but Will Sorby has assured me some things will be coming soon :wink:

Is this a current account or debit card?

Current account that comes with a MasterCard debit card