More useful release notes

Emma release notes don’t really ever include useful information. Any chance of changing that?

You seem to go to a lot of effort promoting updates on social media and this community. Why not add a few lines to release notes too?

Not all users will use social media or this community. It must be incredibly confusing for them when changes are made.

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You are right, but we are using a different way to release.

For example, Smart Rules was out last week, but has been in the app for 4 months.

I think the issue is not with us, but more in the way Apple/Google have thought about Release Notes. This is a 10 years plus old system that doesn’t really work with releasing at scale.

At scale, meaning rolling out the feature to 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% and so on. :slight_smile:

Smart Rules being available 4 months ago was an opt-in beta wasn’t it? I don’t think there’s any expectation for that to be in release notes.

But it would have been useful to include when it was fully released last week. Presumably lots of your users who don’t follow you on social media and don’t use this community still won’t know about it.

Yes, that’s why we make sure to send a push and a message in the feed.

I don’t think people read the release notes at all, especially if you have automatic updates on.

I can’t remember the last time I read one. :sweat_smile:

ps: which I think this still backs my theory. Automatic updates weren’t probably available at first, so people had to read the notes and then decide to update the app.

Personally I don’t have automatic updates on and I always look at the release notes. Granted most notes are waffle but I think it’s a missed opportunity to keep users in with what is happening with the app.


I use automatic updates. So don’t check the release notes every time an app is updated but if I notice something has suddenly changed I go to release notes to see what was done. I think this is the greatest benefit of release notes.

For apps I use a lot I also periodically scan recent release notes.

I think a problem with using in-app push notifications in Emma for quasi release notes is they’re not archived. Once you dismiss them they’re gone.


This is something we are changing very soon.

We are adding a notification button on the top right corner of the feed. If you click it, you will see all the notifications you have received from the beginning of time. :slight_smile:


:astonished: A useful release note!


Finally!!! :wink:

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