App Update Details

What’s New
Version 1.9.6

Bug fixes and minor improvements.

I, for one, would love to find out more details as to what is improved with each app update. It could even help with feedback if users can see what was tweaked/upgraded.

Ehehehe, we just write that cause most of the times these are always hidden surprises; but you are right. We should make more effort into the descriptions. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is one of my biggest bug bears and the biggest companies (Facebook, etc) are the worst.
If you want some inspiration take a look at CityMapper and Carrot Weather, gotta be the best update details on the App Store.


Yes, I have seen some of those and know the Facebook ones pretty well. ehhe

Nice update :wink:

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One year after and this hasn’t been addressed yet. It’s ok that sometimes changes are not worth reporting, but I would say that if you are pushing an update is because there is either a New nice feature to try out or a very nasty bug that might affect multiple users.
“Change the label from remove to delete” it’s not worth reporting it but “Fix a bug that was setting the activity UI with wrong values” might be more useful.

Please consider giving meaningful change logs.


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I would also be interested to read what the specific updates/changes were.

The reason why we don’t include anything is because we use feature flags in the app - meaning that the majority of the “upcoming features” are already on your phone, but we haven’t enabled yet. :wink:

With this said, yes - we should add some jokes. ahahah

Jokes - seriously?

Most companies do. :rofl:

Do you enable those remotely? In case of bug fixes though it would be nice and helpful if you specify fixing serious/critical bugs at least.

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Most of the things we fix go un noticed or affect 50 people. :frowning_face:

But I get your point, we need to improve this.