Make it clearer when a transaction date has been edited

I’ve just started playing around with the ability to edit transaction dates. I can see how it can be useful for analytics/budgeting, however I don’t like that its not clear on transactions when a date has been edited. This potentially creates confusion as it creates a situation where its not immediately obvious why dates of certain transaction in Emma don’t correspond to those in bank/card apps and statements.

I’d be more inclined to use this feature if you provided some kind of indicator that a transaction date has been edited (ideally in transaction lists, but if not then on transaction screens) as well as a field in the transaction screen which shows the original date.

I know you provide an option in the edit date screen to revert to original date, but I don’t want to have to go into edit date screen to check whether or not a date has been edited or to identify what that original date was.

To add to this, it would also be useful if search had a feature to find transactions with edited dates.

This point is really valuable.

I’ll raise it with the product team.

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