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So I was going about my daily IG scroll today and I saw someone talking about loyalty cards and how they take up so much room in your purse/wallet.

She then went on to mention Stocard which I am sure some of you use and has probably been mentioned before here so apologies. I just downloaded it and attached every single one of my loyalty cards (I only have 5 at the moment that I use regularly) so I am thoroughly pleased that I can now take these out my purse, which leads me on to two questions.

  • Are there any other apps like this, which one is the best?

  • What is your favourite/most used loyalty card and why?

Mine personally is boots because I can go in there 3 times and get £20 in points, compared to Superdrug which is so much slower at building up points.

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There’s a few but none are as good - I just wish Stocard would let you scan from a photo you already have on your device. Some virtual ones are awkward to transfer otherwise!

Could you name them?

I have:

  • KFC Colonel Club (paired with Flux so I get stamps as I spend on my Starling card)
  • Subcard
  • Waterstones
  • British Airways Executive Club (but I don’t know why they have it scannable considering there’s no where to scan it?)
  • Miles & More (same as above)

KFC Colonel Club!

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I have:

Nectar - which I use a lot for petrol
Tesco club card - because I used to have one opposite my office although we have coop next to us now :rofl:
Boots - this is the best one in terms of points
Superdrug - because their toiletries are cheaper but the points system isn’t great
The body shop - they have great discounts

I also might have just signed up to two more since I got the app… I just got the Ikea family card haha because they have good offers. I also just got a my Waitrose card because you get a hot drink and a newspaper when you go and I do treat myself to some waitrose goods every now and again. :joy:

By the way for anyone with a watch and stocard :slight_smile:

It’s a lot more convenient to pull up this quickly than it is to pull your phone out!

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So good! I don’t have an apple watch but my dad does so I will definitely tell him

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People often shook their head when they see me pull out one of my digital loyalty cards, because I’ve quite a few of them. In order to keep track of them digitally I use a combination of Stocard and AwardWallet. Although AwardWallet can display loyalty cards in the app, it’s less userfriendly than Stocard. Therefore I use Stocard to keep a copy of the card and AwardWallet to track the balance of them and to see when they points will expire.

In Award Wallet/Stocard I’ve
Airlines: American Airlines, British AIrways, KLM, Norwegian Airlines and Scandinavian AIrlines.
Hotels: Hilton, Hotels.com
Trains: Amtrak
Shopping: CashbackWorld, Coop, CVS Pharmacy (AW also shows coupons), Ebates, IKEA Family, Microsoft Rewards, BestBuy, Quidco, Upromise, Sephora, Thanksagain, TopCashBack, Trumf, Ulta and Walgreens.
Dining: Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, Hard Rock Cafee, Panera Bread, iDine, Starbucks, Subway, T.G.I Fridays.
Other: Disney Movie Rewards, Expedia, Heathrow Rewards, Regal Crown Club

(! This post contains referral links).

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I think it’s probably worth opting out of reward system for Hotels.com and instead purchasing through something that pays out Avios, you can get a good 6-7k for a few nights in a decent hotel (which is pretty bloody good considering it’s only like 26k for an off-peak for NYC)

Also why have an American Airlines one and British airways? They have a shared alliance iirc

To be fair I mainly use BA, but I’ve some points at AA for various reasons.

Can you get BA flights from NO to US even? I thought BA was mainly U.K. to RoW

You can. You can fly BA from Oslo - London - US and then AA in the US and credit the points to BA.

Oh so you can credit AA points to BA? Does BA do US -> other countries flights or am I best off getting a united credit card too

The general rule of thumb is that you can credit your miles to any of the airlines in the same alliance as the airline you’re flying. That means if you fly British Airways, you can credit American Airlines and a lot of other airlines.

Are you able to transfers points between schemes? I’m assuming American Airlines and Japanair could take Avios should you use some tool on BA website to transfer them to the other account?

You’re not. You can take your points from British Airways and book within the OneWorld alliance, but you can’t combine points from different accounts.

Ah that’s still fine, are the points valued less if using on another airline within the alliance?

To that I won’t know the answer.

Guess it depends on how the airline price their own rewards schemes as they might have different tax obligations etc as they’re from another country

Nice to know I can use my Avios to book AA, Finnair and Japanair though!

Stocard is the boss!