Looking for Revolut Testers πŸ‘€

I’d like to join the testing!


Looks like I need to post more to be able to private message :see_no_evil:

really?! that’s strange

Didn’t know that was a thing

Although we would love you to post more!

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Apparently if you have less than 5 posts.

While you are all waiting for the team to do their magic show me your Most Frequently used Emojis :rofl:

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@lilli, I’m told that I can’t send you a personal message unfortunately. Any thoughts?


As with @liamdaly. It might be that you don’t have enough posts on the forum and needs 5 posts in order to send a message.

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Will we receive a notification to let us know when can add?

Yes I will post in this thread when you are ready to go!


How do you send a private message, I can’t seem to find the option?

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Nevermind, I’ve just seen that you need at least 5 messages.
Achievement unlocked, this is the 5th message


You should see it now in our banks list. :open_mouth:


Awesome!! Thanks. My GBP, USD and EUR accounts are incorporated now.

@edoardomoreni I still have to be moved to the UK account. Can you fix?

Missing the saving vaults though. I guess that would be another development step

Revolut PIN not working?

That’s revolut fault. Feel free to bother them.


All connected up - transactions have come through :smile:

The pin to unlock the app, not your card pin (or at least that was my first problem)

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