Loans & Mortgages are coming to Emma!

Ehehe, it’s the currency converter! To be honest, we didn’t know that bug existed and has been there for 8 months since you have been the first to report it! Thanks for this. :slight_smile:

We are in a situation where we are live in 3 countries and there is a huge pipeline of things to fix/adjust, so we are just going by priority, but we’ll fix this.

Thanks. :pray:

Our team is currently twenty times smaller than Yolt and have plans to fill this gap in the next few months, so you can be sure that we will keep this speed and go even further. :wink:

No my friend that’s one of that. There million other. Ask your team if they ever take a track of it(they must have as they keep telling me they raised tickets but hardly got back to me) I will surely make a list and get ready for you soon.

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Yeah, I’ve seen photos of Yolt’s team on their social media - it’s clear they have a lot of people! The key thing that I think, and you can ignore if you disagree, is that Emma free needs to be as feature rich as the competitors (leaving room for Emma Pro to go above and beyond the others) - obviously there’s still a lot of subjective things like the UI that people may prefer in Emma; but, for me, features is key. At the moment that may be the case, but we know all too well Yolt are already implementing (=copying) a lot of Emma’s features.

I know them all, don’t worry. You are quite a hero here. Best QA testing user we have ever had!

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We’ll see how this plays out. :stuck_out_tongue:

@edoardomoreni looks like something is broken while building this feature…While manually adding any account(even current account/saving/investment) everything comes as negative balance and I can’t change it to positive.

Can I ask where your data is for this?

There isn’t any CASS equivalent for Emma/Yolt and other aggregators.

I’m sure if I went to ING and asked they’d say “lots of Emma users have been joining us recently” (or they could it they wanted to do so)

Actually Yolt doesn’t feel like a side project at all - the UI is slick, it feels professionally made and offers renaming as standard along with merchant logos.

If I could set merchant logos myself it would literally be flawless, in my opinion.

It doesn’t have manual accounts but makes up for it by actually offering a link to all my accounts.

I agree entirely - it’s nice to see you and the other staff interacting with us directly.

It just happens to be I’m in the same boat as finding it hard to see a justifiable cause to charge money for some features like manual accounts though, to be honest.

Manual accounting is harder and you’re suggesting it as a bridge for my student loan? Are you joking?

You need to be doing the calculations for me if I’m punching in digits

For example for a manual credit card - ask me the rate and let me mark card transactions as paid off.

Let me tell you the interest free period.

For my student loan (or any loan) let me tell you when I repay and how much I repay as well as the interest amount.

You know where I’m coming from - Emma is meant to make financial lives easier. This means you need to be linking automatically or you need to be doing my calculations.

If you’re not going to do my calculations I should be using a spreadsheet :clown_face:

Where’s my job offer? :wink:

We have no data, we just talk to all our users - the ones who leave and those who stay or come back. :slight_smile:

We are building two completely different things and communicating in very different ways; so it’s really easy to see right away that we are addressing two different demographics.

I don’t even see them as competitors, there is very little to compete with. :laughing:

Very impressive that you’ve replied to a single comment from one post

Let me tell you now as a user though - you’re competitors

All I see is two aggregators and that’s what literally everyone else sees also

Eheh well, that’s just my opinion. :grin: