iOS App Crashing [README]

Anyone seeing this?

We have just submitted an update that should fully resolve - it will get to you in the next few hours. :slight_smile:

The version is 2.8.9


Thanks :+1: Was just having a bit of a panic that I couldn’t open my App this morning. It’s thrown my whole morning routine out :rofl: Will look out for the fix :sunglasses:

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Hey team, i just installed the latest update and it’s crashing at loading time. Tried Unloading the app, but it didn’t help…
Let me know if you need more info.

The fix is not out yet. Sorry. :sweat:

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 08.51.41

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More info here:

Hi Edoard,

My app was crashing on ios this morning, I updated to the new version and its still crashing on start up.

Any advice?

2.8.9 is the new version, not out yet - we are waiting. :slight_smile:

It should come out soon.

Ok thanks, lets hope that one does the job!

It will, sorry about this. :slight_smile:

We still don’t have an update and are waiting for Apple to release the fix.

The app is working now - just fully close and open again! :slight_smile:

ps: there is no need to update.