Investors swag update 2

Any update on when this will be dispatched and given access to the telegraph group and the Investor icon?

Hey @Wmeads001,

the swag pack has been ordered, we should finalize the designs next week, then it will dispatch.

For telegram, we are going to launch it next week.

We have delayed the icon since we are working on the app redesign (out in a week), but should be quick to add as well.

How did you cross reference from emma to CC as my cc email address is different to my emma email

In the form, you were asked to provide the link.

The email addresse you asked us for was our emma email address. So both emma to and email address identified. Did you capture the CC email automatically

Any update?

Next Week was three weeks ago!!

On the telegraph account

Received my swag bag today. Thank you

I didn’t recieve any of the investor rewards, despite being in the Ultimate Founding Member category.

Are you still working on this? seems like a significant amount promised to ignore for so long.

Hi @samuelfoulkes,

we did send the swag 6 months ago to everyone.

Can you try to reach out to live chat? We can take it from there, but everything was collected and sent.

I did reach out on live chat, apart from acknowledging by email there has been no reply.

Also, there was a lot of items promised, not just the swag!


Hi @samuelfoulkes,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

I’ve just sent you an email to advise we are just awaiting a response from the swag pack provider. I am also discussing the status of the other rewards internally and will get back to you as soon as possible!