Improved Search 🔎

Hey everyone,

On our short-term roadmap, we have included “Improved Search”

We have quite a bit of feedback about our current search feature here (Transaction Search), but if there’s anything you think needs to be added/ improved with the search feature that hasn’t already been mentioned, now is the time to tell us! :raised_hands:

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If you could address problems searching Monzo & Starling accounts, that would be good

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I have an issue that might be addressed by an improved search feature or something else to do with tags and categories but I would really like to be able to see what I have spent on a tag or category in more periods than just “last month”, “this month”, “last 6 months” and “the beginning of time”.

A use case would be a list of transactions and summation of how much I have spent on eating out in 1 year (last 12 months) if it is set as a spending category. Same thing if I have a tag for “eating out”, it would be very helpful to be able to see what I have spent in 1 year for instance on anything with that tag.

A related suggestion for general searches (by name) as well, it would be nice to have a summation of the transactions that come up in a specific search and the ability to set a custom period i.e between specific dates.
Use case example would be if I do a search for “sky” for the last 6 months to have a list of all my “sky” transactions as is the case now but also a summation at the bottom for that period.

Hey @medman25

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll share the below points with the team :blush:

  1. Date filter to include an option to set a custom date range
  2. All filters and search results to show the total value of transactions

My only bugbear on search is that when you tap on a result to open the detail of the transaction, it doesn’t tell you which account that transaction took place. No easy way to match the search result back to the card/account it came from.

Can you not see the account number if you scroll to the bottom of the transaction? Under the “See History” button