How To Use The Emma Search Feature

Hey & happy Friday!

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone that helped us test the new search feature :point_down:

Yesterday we officially rolled this out to all Android and IOS users :partying_face:

To go alongside this we also published this blog post: “How To Use The New Emma Search Feature”, which also includes a few details of what the Emma team has been using the search for.

You can read the post here:

Would love to hear how everyone has been using the new search? Let us know in the thread below!

Been using the new search feature and love the ability to search by tag or merchant and also to specify date ranges. Would be useful if the total value of transactions was also included as part of any search

Hey @glyn1954!

Happy to hear that you’re liking the new search feature :blush:

Thanks for your feedback about adding the total value of transactions, that’s definitely something we can look into adding!