How to create cash expense?

Is there a way to log a cash expense?

Yes, in Emma Pro you can create a manual account and then add transactions. :slight_smile:

I am not talking about adding a new bank account manually for the institutions that are not supported in emma app. I am talking about cash expense, that related to no bank account.

Hi @sbma1234.

You can create a manual account for any purpose. Cash account, work expense account, anything.

What exactly do you need to record the transactions for?

I purchased electric appliance in cash from kijjji. How do I record that?

As noted above, you can only do this with a Pro account.

Create a manual account. Create a manual transaction. If you also want to track how much cash you have, you need to update the balance manually.

More->Emma Pro-> Manual Account.

You might like to call your manual account ‘Cash’ and you use this to record all your cash transactions