How successful are you at referring?

I’ve only been able to refer one person - my fiancé. I’m about to run out of my free month and I’m only 2 away from getting Pro free for a year but everyone I’ve tried to convince to download the app seems really uncomfortable with the idea of providing their bank details to an app.

How successful have you been in referring? How do you get past people’s reservations about giving logins to arguably your most valuable online accounts?

Being FCA regulated doesn’t seem to put anyone at ease.

Reddit spam.

Guilty as charged.

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From what we see, this is not a problem in the UK. I mean, yes you will still find a few people, but the vast majority doesn’t have an issue with it.

At this point, we are also using open banking, so you are not even sharing the details any longer (great selling point :P).

When we started and had 1 user, I found it very very difficult to ask my friends to join.

I am bad at sales. ahah

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I had the same issue with my best mate. He was instantly allergic to the idea that an app would link to his bank. When I tried to convince him I just looked desperate.

I’ve just rephrased it as you connect your accounts and then focused on other points. If people ask then I tell them that we don’t sell or share their data and the EU has literally created a system (Open Banking) for this purpose. They’ve really got nothing to lose 🤷

Call me a big headed idiot, but this app is so easy to refer, I could literally get at least 10 people signed up in a day, but I’m not doing anything for the UK until revolut refund my 5k…lol

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5k for what? ahah

What a living legend. :rocket:

Amen :raised_hands: