How can any person serious about budget use Emma

Any serious budgeting technique would make sure I don’t budget for things I don’t have. That’s why I don’t think anybody serious about budgets would considering Emma. It’s kind of joke that somebody having 1000 in bank can make a budget of 100000 as even though Emma know there is no connection between what I have in my bank accounts and budgets.

If it works for anybody I really would like to know how they make it possible.

It’s down to you to set your own budget - how would limiting an upper value on a text field really help you here?

One way a lot if that’s your intention out of this app. The difference between good budgeting and a bad budgeting app is that one tells you broke much earlier than the latter one.

You know your income though, right?

Start with that - take away the % you want to save and use that as your monthly budget, then split by category.

Or put your total income in and get really granular with the categories - make sure you catégorise for saving, paying debt off etc.

I really don’t think Emma needs to limit the number that can be entered.

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