Emma featured on Beta List

Hey everyone,

We have just been featured on Beta List!

Please head over and leave a comment or review, it would mean a lot :grimacing:


@BendikHa @Hans @lukeskyscraper @DaveTMG @grant.m @Gaoler

A pleasure Lilli = I am at work and when I get home then I will in a very favorable way. Its very noisy and busy today in our supermarket!! Basically Emma is a joy and smooth too use. I know you peeps work hard on it and success is before you know it xx

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Thanks @Hans you are the best! x

I will once I get home from work. Do you want the review in the app store or somewhere else?

Can you please post a comment below the feature, via the link I shared?



Got back tired and chilling wilco tomorrow but may need some help. Xx