Emma App Reviews

App reviews at the moment are 2792 for Google Play, 3800 on IOS, if you haven’t please leave a review !! Takes under 30 seconds :wink: would be nice to grow the community and what better way than leaving a 5 star :wink: but seriously though please consider it :kissing_heart::ok_hand:


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On a serious note though last people to review on google play was 1 person on the 29th :frowning: and haven’t had an IOS Review since 28th January !!? :sob::sob::sob: I wonder if anyone would be willing to help :pensive:

The reviews aren’t always ranked in order of most recent first - we’ve had quite a few IOS reviews this week :grinning:

Ssssh you ruined it :weary: people were meant to flood in and leave lots of positive reviews :pensive: but on a positive note that’s good news I guess :joy: