Emergency Funds 🚨

Afternoon everyone! :wave:

Our latest blog post looks at emergency funds - what they are, why you need one, and how you can start building yours today!

You can read the full blog post here: http://bit.ly/2LD4nCK :rocket:

For me, having an emergency fund has always been a priority and I’ve made sure that whatever else is happening in my life I have a little saved for any unexpected eventualities!

I know that some of you also have emergency funds! What were your main reasons for starting one and do you have any tips for anyone thinking about building their own?!

Nice post. Makes a lot of sense. The only thing I would disagree on is to make an emergency fund of £1k even before paying off any debt. That initial £1k can help prevent going into more debt. Then behind paying off all debt (except mortgage debt) and then build it to 3-6 months like you said.

Just spent 75% of my EF this month, glad I had it had to spend a lot of money due to moving but without it I’d have no fridge no mattress etc unless I put it all on a credit card

I think there’s a sweet spot for most people somewhere between paying off their most expensive debt and building an emergency fund.

Of course, the ironic reality is that the people who need an emergency fund the most are the least likely to be able to save one and most likely to be in debt. Ultimately, if you’re outgoings are just constantly outstripping your income, you need a whole other strategy first…

Yeah I guess it depends on everyone’s individual circumstances - what bills they have to pay, how much debt they have, if they own a car/ have kids etc.

I also think with emergency funds, if you’ve saved the money once you know you can save the money again. So although it’s a bit of a pain when you have to spend the money, at least you’re in a good habit of saving up!

I do agree with this, but also there a lot of people who could easily save up an emergency fund, but don’t. Often they just need someone to point them in the right direction and show them the benefits it can have!