Do you have an emergency fund? πŸ†˜

Hi All,

With the current economic climate having an emergency fund seems to be more important than ever!

I was wondering your thoughts on best practice when looking to start an emergency fund. How much do you want to have in an emergency fund and how much you should be saving for this relative to saving for other goals/ paying off debts? Have you ever needed your emergency account and if so were you preppared with enough saved? Looking forward to hearing your answers!

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They say you should have 3 months worth of expenses which for some can be quite a lot! I think even with debt such as credit card debt etc should save even a small amount as it’ll all add up!

I’ve heard that 3 month rule before which seems fair to me it just may take a little while to save enought to pay for all of the expenses you will occur in 3 months :sweat_smile: You’re right though every little bit counts!