Custom sync schedule

Emma Pro comes with “turbo updates” - if I understand correctly, this means the sync takes place faster (not clear if it is also more frequent).

What would be quite nice is if the user could control the schedule for when sync takes place, in some way.

e.g. if I get up at 7am every day, I might want to schedule an update for 6:45, say.

Is this possible?

I seem to remember seeing that there is a limit to the number of queries per day, so perhaps only let the user schedule one?

I believe Turbo Updates are 4 times a day rather than once or twice.

When I asked earlier this year, they explained they do this at appropriate times so early morning and so on… the reason I asked was because direct debits are taken around 3am and some BACs credits are deposited around 4am so I don’t want a sync to happen before this is the next one was at 9am for example otherwise I’d not have a good view of my accounts when I wake.

I think they said it’s intuitive enough to check at appropriate times. :crossed_fingers:

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There’s a bit more info about turbo updates here, but @jase is correct in saying that it’ll update 4 times throughout the day :blush:

We are currently using a queue system, so it’s not really feasible. :frowning:

Even if we implemented the feature, you would still end up in a queue.

Imagine having 30,000 people asking for the update at 7am.

It’d be like those competitions where the lowest unique bid wins. We’d have to guess whether 6:55 or 6:42 would get to the right place in the queue :joy:

Understand my suggestion is a non-starter. No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

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