Cash vs Card vs Mobile - how do you choose to pay?

A new YouGov study has been looking at how people will choose to pay for things after the pandemic.

People started avoiding cash payments, due to fear of catching and spreading Covid and there were talks around this being the end of cash. However, the research showed that the decline in cash payments was probably temporary.

Which of these is your preferred payment method for in-person purchases?

  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Mobile

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It’s interesting to see that Apple Pay was the most used payment method in 2020 and will no doubt be the same in 2021:

I’m heavily reliant on Apple Pay to the point where I barely bring out my purchase with physical cards anymore.

What’s everyone’s preferred payment method?

I’m exactly the same. I had to use my actual card today and it was very strange - I almost forgot my PIN number