BUG: Double counting spending when linking both PayPal and credit card that’s is used to fund PayPal


On Emma I have, my credit card account linked and my paypal linked.

When I spend on My PayPal takes payment from the credit card


Anytime I buy something through Paypal, it double posts on Emma, once on the credit card, and once via PayPal. Making it look like I’ve double spent



I can confirm that removing the PayPal account from Emma removes the double purchases and my spending figures are correct.

For now, I’m not sure I see any use of having my PayPal account synced to Emma.

Hi @tenof26, can you add it back in and reach out to support?

The app is supposed to exclude the double transactions. It works in most of the cases.

I’ve also found the same bug when using paypal. Very frustrating! Have informed support in the past and told looking into it but never heard back.

We can definitely take it from there. I saw the message you sent this morning. :slight_smile:

Just find out that I have the same issue with Paypal and credit card.

How can I fix this?

Can you reach out to live chat?

Will do. Tks