Bank transfer £3,000 limit (Pro)

Just my feedback:

I was extremely excited to see the Bank Transfer feature in Emma, but soon realised it wouldn’t be useful to me because of the £3,000 limit in Pro.

I have my salary paid into a traditional bank account - I then transfer it manually to a challenger bank account (I prefer manual because the amount I transfer isn’t always the same). I have a credit card that is paid via direct debit from the traditional bank - and so throughout the month I transfer bits from the challenger to the traditional, when I spend on the card. Along with Emma, this process helps me keep on top of money.

Unfortunately the £3,000 limit is just too low to transfer back and forth. If there was no limit then I would almost certainly stay within Emma for my transfers - I would definitely prefer this.

@jamesb Thanks for your feedback.
I will transfer your suggestion back to the team :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I’d love to use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agree on this one! I was using the transfer feature for a bit at the start, but it quickly lost its appeal once you hit the £3000 limit. So rather than going into Emma and trying to do a transfer and then get told I don’t have any allowance yet, it’s quicker for me just to open the individual bank apps and do my transfers from there now.

I know you plan on putting this on Emma Ultimate, but until then it would be really useful to be able to use it on Emma Pro.

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We are going to add unlimited on Ultimate - it’s coming next week (I think).

@edoardomoreni I won’t need anything else on ultimate :frowning_face:
Is there any wiggle room to increase the limit to £5k, or to honour previous pro members? I realise that may be asking a lot - don’t want to sound ungrateful.

Great news!

@edoardomoreni could you please comment on my last post - is the £3,000 limit set in stone for Pro?

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Yes, ultimate will introduce Unlimited.

Okay thanks. That’s a shame, but I understand.