Attaching receipt to bill

Why can’t I attach any type of picture or receipt to a bill it gives the option but doesn’t work

Are you on Android? I’d start by checking the permissions, particularly storage and camera

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What are you seeing?

I’m having the same issue, using android. I can the option to attach a receipt but it just doesn’t attach it. Check permissions and camera and storage both allowed


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Are you on the latest version of the app? Can you try full-on closing the app and then opening it again to see if it works? :blush:


I’ve uninstall and reinstalled this week and still no joy. I can select take a pic but then nothing happens, I chose allow for all permission requests. When I select choose from library I can select a photo, and it takes me back to the transaction but I can’t see it attached


Hey! I’ve just spoken to the team about this and there is actually a known issue here - it’s on their to-do list to fix :blush:

Amazing, thanks :blush:

I am having this issue ive contacted helpdesk but priority issue sorting well wish is was faster sorting problems after doing various testing on my end from what i understand is that photo’s of receipts are uploaded to their server does anyone else have this issue using a Samsung mobile ?