App Store Description


Would you be able to show what has been changed for new updates on the App Store rather than “bug fixes”. Just want to stay on top of any future improvements/features

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Hi @Luke,

Best way is our social media and emails.

We don’t write app descriptions since they are not in sync with feature releases and 80% is improvements that you might not even notice.

Most of the time your app already has the new feature, it’s just not visible yet and gets activated on our end. :wink:

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@edoardomoreni What about some gummy bear puns? :thinking:

“We found some rogue bears in the code turning things sour. After a board meeting, Eduardo tried to fix it by eating what he thought were real candies. Sadly, he ended up with a hefty dentist bill, but on the bright side, the app is now ‘bear-y’ snappy!”:sweat_smile:

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Well ask ChatGPT to write some and include them. :joy:

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For now, always update your app! It makes zero sense not to do it.

I like that idea! :joy: do you get many who don’t update? :sweat_smile: