Am I the only one struggling with Kraken?

Hey everyone,

I’ve had my Kraken account connected for a while now but has stopped syncing as of September 20th.

I made sure my API keys on Kraken are still valid, but after struggling for too long, I have decided to create a new API Key, delete/re-add the Kraken account on Emma, but sadly I am still getting an error message within the app.

Anyone else has encountered this recently?

Thank you,

Hi @mirabuc,

if you message live chat, we can resolve it from there.

I think you send us a message.

I did yes, I was advised to remove Kraken and add it again which hasn’t worked, hence my message to check if this could be a wider issue. I’ll keep trying!

No need to try if the credentials are correct, we are checking on our side.

sounds good. I tried to generate a new key from Kraken yesterday, and am confident it’s set up correctly, but still no luck. Keep me posted if you spot anything on your end