Allow spreading a cost

Can we allow spreading an annual cost eg. Car insurance over each monthly pay cycle. This allows a representation of your monthly impact due to that single annual event.

Also can we please move the “select all” button lower so it can be reached with one hand, and make the process of changing categories easier.


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First one makes a lot of sense, I personally budget for it monthly and then pay the full bill because you typically get a discount for it

Hey @MonkeyBrain :wave:

We have a feature that lets you split a transaction into 10 different transactions. Would it help if we changed this to 12?


Yes I saw that feature however it seems that will associate all the split transactions with the same date. It would need to be split into n transactions and then also spread across n months/pay periods. I think this can be done manually in the app at the moment but of course that would be quite time consuming. Would be great if that could be automated with a single button!


Yeah you can change the date of each split transaction, but I do agree that this would take some time.

I’ll let the team know that a quicker way round this has been requested :blush:

Thanks Rebekah!