All transactions link in Analytics

I have used the “See All” feature in the feed now for a while, but I always found myself clicking into analytics to find the feature there.


Because in my head, I tend to go to the Analytics tab when I want to find information about a specific transaction based on the pre-set filters there (Category/Merchant). In my mind, it would also make sense to have link to See All there as I believe more people would find the function there than on the feed.

To be honest, I hadn’t noticed the See All feature at all before someone here on the forum pointed out that it existed a few months ago.

The See All function now also has the bulk tagging of transactions. I always used to change tags on transactions via the Analytics tab before this feature existed, so I think more people would find the See All function this way with a link. See below for a suggestion of where to put it:

Hey @DanRoos

This makes total sense - thanks for sharing!

I’ll pass this feedback onto our designer :raised_hands: