Your best tips to stop spending money in 2020

So 2020 is well underway and hopefully, we’re all diligently sticking to our pesky financial resolutions :crossed_fingers:

Inspired by @gingerbee’s no spending 2020, what are your best tips and tricks to you use to stop yourself from spending money?

My number 1 tip is to actually spend more money. By putting more money into a savings account you’re both ‘spending’ more money (from your current account) and saving what you’re ‘spending’ (into your savings account). :wink:

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This is a good one!

I do this the moment I get paid so I can’t even be tempted to spend that money.

Do you have your savings account with the same bank?

I have one savings account with the same bank and another investment account with a different organisation.
I’m using Emma to drill deep into my spending habits to hopefully enable me to better manage my finances.

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