YNAB style of budgeting

I have used YNAB and one thing I really liked about them is their budgeting method. Where every single penny I receive, allocated to budgeting category when I receive that money rather than weekly, monthly etc. after using it for few years I realized that it help a lot in exactly knowing where I stands. If one pool of money doesn’t have balance, I can’t spend from that category and I need to get some from other category or wait until next pay cheque. It gives me immense confident on what I can spend and save.

Obviously using two separate App is pain if I want to use Emma as my only app how can I make using of that budgeting style in Emma. Like I have categories with its pool of money I saved for those. If I enter them as budget for current month it’s changing the budget amount of every month to that amount and if I change back to regular budget amount next month it might remove previous balance I saved for that category so what’s the best way to handle this.

Example: I have 5000 saved for travel upto now if I change the travel budgeting category amount to 5000 in Emma. With rolling over I might see 5000 balance next month but it will try to allocate another 5000 next month from my income which is not the intention so I have to change the budget again to let’s say 500, this will make all my all rolling over to 0 if I am not wrong which should not be the case.

From that I feel that apart from having weekly, monthly etc budging method Emma should also have ad hoc method where on top of monthly I can also add balance to that category whenever I want.

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I use pots in starling for envelope budgeting. Would this not work for you?

We dont have starling here in Canada but I have some other places where I can do that but its better to do it in the app you are managing your budget like emma or YNAB where all the transaction from different accounts is getting synced.