World Mental Health Day

Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day, a day for awareness and education around all things mental health.

Money and mental health are often closely linked. People with mental health problems are more likely to be in debt. And in the same vein, people who get into debt are therefore more likely to experience mental health problems.

I’m therefore interested to know - are there any companies that you think look after their customer’s mental health really well? Or similarly, is there anything you think Emma could be doing?

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Money + Mental Health had great success, if you saw them on BBC News with Martín Lewis recently?

Also, Touco (formally Toucan) have a great feature whereby you can nominate a trusted person to receive text messages about your finances in certain situations. Maybe you missed a payment of your balance went below a set amount. It takes away the pain of having to ask for support and advice or telling your friend you are in financial hardship and may need some advice or help contacting banks.

They also offer a Care Card to give to carers rather than your own debit card, similar to Starling Bank offering.

No I missed this unfortunately, will definitely take a look at their website though!

This is really smart. Some people find it so tough to talk about their finances, so I can imagine this really helps start any tricky conversations. Or, having someone to keep you accountable for your spending might even be enough to make you manage your money better?

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Certainly would help for some.