Who spends more: women or men?

Hey folks!

A quick question to gather your opinions: Who spends more, women or men?

I read some litterateur (I saw it on IG) stating that women are crucial for economies because they spend so much. Aren’t women overwhelmingly bigger spenders?

In my personal opinion women are also crucial for economies because they existence makes men work harder to impress them.

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Hey, glad to see you in our community!

I mean, that’s an interesting perspective. I would say the difference in how men and women are marketed in terms of spending habits is huge.

What do you think women spend the most on?

I have absolutely no idea, probably clothes. I think women spend more but make more purchases and make smaller purchases, and men spend less but might come home with an expensive purchase out of the blue.

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Yeah, we have been interviewing people with this question recently, and most of them are proving the same point. :grin:

It depends what you mean by “spend”.
It’s generally accepted that women handle more of the household budget, but whether they spend more “on themselves” is less clear.

Lots of purchases also fall in the grey area between shared purchases and personal choices. Such as a couple agreeing they want to buy a car, but one partner willing to spend much more on it than the other.

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Yeah, totally get what you mean! It’s interesting how some purchases blur the lines between shared decisions and personal choices. It’s all about finding that balance :raised_hands: