What is a financial mistake you've made or lesson you've learned?

Hi everyone,

I think it is safe to say that everyone in this community is interested in personal finance and so I wanted to create a thread that can be used as a resource for others in the community to learn from!
I wanted to create a thread where we can share any financial mistakes or lesson you’ve learned in your personal finance journey to help others from having to learn the hard way as well!

Excited to hear your replies and hopefully learn a thing or two!

Not understanding the importance of compound interest, and emptying my savings for daft stuff in early twenties.

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Yes why is compound interest not taught in secondary school I wish I knew about it then :sweat_smile:

Invested in magic beans. Jim Cramer swore to me they’d boom in value, like everything else he recommends, they now well and truly. :skull::headstone:

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I have put too much money into crypto. :grimacing:

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