True balance budgeting

Hi so I’m having a little trouble setting up my budget in the app as it always seems to be off in some way. I’m used to budgeting with a spreadsheet using my account balance.

What I want to do is this. I would like to set my current bank account balance as the total budget and then for my committed spending (my direct debits, subscriptions, reoccurring payment etc) to be subtracted from this. This is already done with the “true balance” in the app. I would like to be able to have the true balance divided into my selected budget categories, perhaps at first into equal amounts so that I am only allocating my remaining balance after committed spending into each budget category. This would make it impossible for me to budget more than I actually have in my account.

In summary I would like current bank balance - the upcoming commited spending between now and payday / how many budget categories I choose to allocated a limit to and then I can adjust the categories to my liking.

Is this possible in this app. I absolutely must know that I am not spending more than is in my bank account.

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Hi @John,

thanks for posting! The short answer is we don’t support this.

If you start budgeting with Emma, it will ask you to set a total budget and you’ll start following that. This is the best way to do budgeting when you are aggregating multiple accounts in one place.

Budgeting around a single balance is not that great and might not help you save. If you know how to make, just set a total budget that is lower, so you always know that if you stick to that you are saving money and you are good to go.

You can use true balance to track how close you are, but it was not built to work with budgeting. :slight_smile:

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