Team Interview With Joel

Hey everyone!

I’ve just published our next team interview, and it’s with… Joel!

Joel’s role is User & Community Success at Emma - which means if you ever have any questions about using Emma, he’s the guy to help! :raised_hands:

You can read his interview here.

Any questions for @Joel, drop them in the comments below :point_down:


Support seems to be one - very long - chat per customer. How do you keep track of all the bugs, requests and feedback?

Hey @Gaoler :wave:

We have a running conversation rather than a closed ticket type system because of the nature of what people raise. It also lets people go back and read over the previous conversation.

I have a variety of systems I use to track bugs, issues, requests and feedback but I do most of my tracking on spreadsheets.

If someone raises multiple issues at once or issues before the other is resolved, I have a note mechanism in chat that allows me to keep a note of anything outstanding.

Does that help?

That’s got to be a lengthy spreadsheet! The support team must still be quite small then

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Yes, we are not a bank and can handle huge volumes with very few people. :wink:

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It’s extensive, to say the least :joy: