Team Interview With Andrew

Afternoon everyone!

Next in our series of team interviews, we have Andrew - Emma’s Senior Software Engineer.

Here’s a little snippet of the interview which I loved: “I’m a snowboarder in my heart and a Software Engineer in my mind” :joy:

Find out what kind of thing Andrew is working on, as well as what he loves most about Emma!


And if you’ve got any questions for Andrew, drop them in the comments below!

Question for Andrew: If there were only 2 food items on earth (neither of which are Katsu curry), which 1 item would you pick: unlimited sushi or unlimited tacos? :wink: :rofl:

Well, in these circumstances :rofl: I would prefer unlimited tacos with :fire: sauce

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I wasn’t so brave for heat until I lost much of my sense of taste this spring / summer. Now I love it but none of those raw chillis please :wink:

Haha. Please, be my :taco: for the rest of the life

A good read, however, another employee who can talk a complete foreign language to me, this time computer language :rofl:

Last one was cryptocurrency :man_facepalming:

Knowledge is power :rocket:

Hahah maybe we can write a couple of blog posts on it - a glossary of computer/ crypto terms!

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It would keep you busy @rebekah :rofl:

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