Our Big Guide To Loans

Afternoon all :wave:

Today on the blog we have another big ol’ guide - this time we’re looking at the different types of loans.

We’ve looked at everything from personal loans, to guarantor loans, to student loans.

You can read it hereee: https://bit.ly/2Rxyf3e

Have you used loans before? What are your opinions on getting a loan?

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I am from the generation that if you want something, you save up for it, i.e. no loan.

However, you could argue that my previous mobile phone contracts involved loans as O2 sold them as airtime tariff and phone finance.

SIM only now, so no loan.

I avoid loans and overdrafts with a passion.

Perhaps I am just lucky :man_shrugging: that I don’t need them in my life.

This is a great mentality to have :raised_hands:

And yeah If you don’t need to get a loan, then there is no reason why you would get one!

The only loan I’ve had is a student loan - feel like I will be paying that back for years!

Ah bless.

I started work at 16, when I left school, deciding not to go into Further Education, despite my teachers pushing me to.

I think I’ve done ok :thinking:

No student loan, at least :grin: