Money Saving Challenges

Money challenges can be a great intro to saving, with many finding the fun/ competitive side to it helps them save more than ever before.

Has anyone ever taken on one of these challenges?

Or, have you ever made up your own challenge?

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I’ve done the 1p savings challenge, the £1 savings challenge and scrapped both to do the £13.70 savings challenge. If you can save £13.70 a day, that’s £5,000 a year.

I love to use Monzo and IFTTT for the integration challenges e.g every time I buy coffee, order from Uber Eats, move money to my savings.

I can enjoy what I want, while being “fined” into savings. I love saving.

I’ve seen lots of people mention IFTTT but haven’t really explored it myself!

Are the coffee/ uber eats challenges already set up on IFTTT with Monzo or did you create them yourself?

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I think many of them are available, but IFTTT is so easy, you can make your own :slight_smile:

So could you create something like “add £5 into holiday savings, every time you visited the gym”?

With the gym being a set location on google maps etc? Or is that too complex?

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That is exactly what it can do! I have it turn on my alarm when I leave home although I don’t use it that often.

You may need to mix and match connected services to get it running exactly as you wish but it’s so extensible.

Just been reading about different options and how you can link it to your electricity/ smart meters, even things like “turn lights on when the sun goes down” :joy:

I feel like this kinda thing could get pretty creepy if in the wrong hands haha?!

You can protect IFTTT with 2FA for logging in and you connect apps in a similar fashion to Open Banking so it’s fairly secure.

If you open a developer account you can go further. I have an app that checks my calendar and if it shows an event with a location in it (e.g. it’s not me having friends over, but I am elsewhere) then it can play a random routine of lights on an off until I get home.

You’ll find it’s fun and then you have no entropy in life as everything is a scripted routine :wink:

Let us know what else you come up with. If you have Agile Octopus tariff from Octopus Energy, you can switch everything on when it’s negative pricing and get paid to use electricity!!!


Love this - perfect for when you’re away on holiday too

(also can’t help but think Macaulay Culkin could have benefitted from something like this in Home Alone :see_no_evil:)

What is a holiday? Ha ha ha!

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