Match betting...has anyone tried it?

Hi Everyone,

I recently read a blog post by someone in the debt-free community on IG who has paid the majority of their money off through match betting.

It is legal before anyone asks lol but I was wondering if anyone has tried it before or does it on a regular basis and what do you think?

Apparently, it’s virtually risk-free and easy to do.

Isn’t match betting when a casino site or like William Hill etc offer sign-up bonuses on free spins.

You put like a tenner in there, take the £10-20 you get free and just roll on the spins and (hopefully) win something back

I’m against gambling so I personally stay away from that kind of stuff - I prefer working for my money.

Although if it really is little risk of the rush of gambling and winning money and potentially losing it - I’d consider getting on board

I’ve done a fair bit of matched betting over the years - firstly, it is not gambling - prior to placing a bet you know exactly what the outcome will be. Secondly, there is risk, but, that risk is only your own human error - don’t underestimate that (I can speak from experience here!).

As Recchan says, you basically utilise the different offers bookies put on. You basically bet both ways (it will happen, or it won’t) on a particular event, but one of those bets will be your free bet and so you make a guaranteed amount of money. It takes a fair bit of effort to manually work out how much you need to bet each way, but luckily there’s websites that’ll do it all for you. This is a great website to get you started if you do decide to do it:

In summary, it’s not gambling, but there are risks because one mistake can be costly. I accidentally bet the same way on something twice and lost a couple of hundred pounds because of that one mistake - takes quite a while to build that back up. Also, sometimes you need to bet over £100 to make £5, so it can be quite intensive for not a high reward (will also make it damn confusing keeping track of stuff in Emma :wink: ). The first £100-200 is fairly easy to make, and then it gets more difficult to find decent offers.


Like Mudlark says, it’s not gambling as long as you follow the logical process and won’t lose money as long as you avoid human error in execution of the maths.

But (stating a bit more strongly than Mudlark) after the first £100-£200 (which is fairly easy) it’s boring AF. I prefer to invest time that requires being switched on mentally in education/career progression.

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As above, it’s definitely not gambling. You can make mistakes, but there’s definitely money to be made. Especially out of the initial sign up offers.

I’ve been doing it 2 months and have made over £1000. That’s spending about an hour a night for 4/5 nights a week. I’ve done most of the sign up offers now, but there’s still money to be made from regular offers and free bet clubs from some bookies.

I signed up to and paid the monthly fee. It’s been well worth it as their calculators do a lot of the work for you.

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Might have to give it a shot!

Do these companies send a piece of physical mail to your home? I don’t really want my family to think I have a gambling problem :sweat_smile: they might think so due my general mental health issues

Also £1000 a month does sound quite nice ngl

Do you guys just shut your account afterwards?

Wow £1000 is pretty decent, although I don’t know if I would have the energy to do an hour a night. By the time I have got home from work I eat swim and sleep haha.

I mean the thought of having to gamble £100 for a £5 seems a bit meh but I’m definitely considering having a go.

This is the blogger who posted about it and she explains it in really simple terms.

This is also meant to be helpful:

Also @Recchan I doubt they sent anything to your house as it will all be done online.

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Not had any physical mail from any of the bookies I’ve signed up to.

I wouldn’t advise shutting your account, as it’s not just the sign up offers that you can make money. Most bookies regularly email out offers to keep people betting, and some have weekly free bet clubs where you can make money each week.

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An hour a night was probably an average. You definitely spend more time initially, as you’re still learning how things work, and you need to be careful to avoid silly mistakes.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it doesn’t take much time at all (depending on how many offers you sign up for at once). You can spend as little or as much time as you like really.

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Thanks, @Logan09

I am going to look into it this weekend. I need a little side hustle since I stopped selling streetwear!

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I didn’t get any physical mail either when I dabbled in matched betting.

However, what I did get a few months after I stopped (without closing accounts) was some bookies phoning me out of the blue to ask why I had stopped using their platform. That was pretty irritating.


You were looking into match betting, was it worth it?

If you have the time it is 100% worth it. Can make a decent bit on the side but you do have to invest a few hours a week

What’s the max you can do per month?

max as in time spent or profit brought in?

My mathematical brain is about the size of a pea so I’m pretty sure I’d lose all my money immediately :upside_down_face:

Start with £100. :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked into match betting, but for Norwegian customers there do not seem to be many options unfortunately.

Is it illegal to play on UK websites from abroad?

I wouldn’t think so, but they might only want UK users. Unless they do address or ID check, I should be able to register. I have not looked into the articles Lilli mentioned, but I would assume I would need to get a UK bank account in order to withdraw money.

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