Invite A Friend, Get £15 (or $15)!

Thanks for the suggestion, I am pretty sure we are going to experiment that as well. :slight_smile:

I wonder what produces the highest yield of new users, £15 for each user that converts to a premium subscription, or £1 per user irregardless of whether they convert into a subscriber? I’m making the numbers up here, but you can probably calculate the percentage of new users that ‘convert’ and then work out how many users you’d need in the funnel for each new subscriber. You could even not give user’s money until they’ve invited 3 users, etc, although the number has to feel achievable to the majority of people or they won’t even bother attempting to reach it.

I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but, I also noticed that your adverts say “Get £15 for every person that you invite to join Emma”. “Every person” is literally not true because you only get money for inviting people that become subscribers. That messaging will backfire because you’re being selective with the truth and it’s untrustworthy. It’s straight-out “false advertising”. Do you realise that you are a finance company?

This is profitable for us. :slight_smile:

Do you know where? In the app, it says Get £15 when. your friend joins and subscribes. :slight_smile:

Do you know where?

On Twitter.

And on Instagram.

Despite this, I actually think the £15 campaign is generous. You can just make it clear that if any one of somebody’s referrals subscribes they get £15.

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Thanks for this, we are correcting. :slight_smile:

Looks like the gummy bears are gone from the quests too. They are basically gone-gone. I wasn’t a big fan and I think I made it clear earlier, but I fully agree - way to mess up with the user base that might have nevertheless been working hard on collecting them, to see them vanish in thin air now. Could these schemes be run in a more mature way next time?

Oh and edit - there were a few posts questioning this play yet zero reaction from Emma HQ. Not cool.

What do you mean? I am CEO and co-founder and I am here.

They are not - this is a bug some users are experiencing.

Posts from @mooncalf, @johnnyjibbs and @Nuggett earlier in this thread. The not cool part is about how you asked people to invest in something, then you pulled the plug and wiped said investment, without remedy. Not that you had to - but people will certainly think twice before buying into new schemes (see @mooncalf’s comment about feeling demotivated to further promote your app).

To be clear, I think you’re doing a great technical job, but the marketing side has been a bit hit and miss.

That’s the difference between before and now.

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Thanks for the infographic. :slight_smile:

The feature is out and it’s making us grow faster than ever. I am closing this thread, if you have issues with the referrals, please reach out to live chat.