Icons & subcategories

I would like to be able to change the icon of income, like we can with expenses(either through emoji’s, or twitter link) …I know this is more of a aesthetic request, but it would be nice to have.

Also I know it has been requested before but subcategories in PRO would be helpful for my budgeting

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Hey Andrew, welcome to the Emma Community :slight_smile:

I just did this myself. I went to the transaction and opened it’s detailed view, then clicked the income category. I then went and created a new category just for that purpose. Now when my partner pays me their part of the rent, it has a cute icon and specifically named.

It leaves all other income as it is, so I plan later to re-categorise other income streams with emojis and names I choose.

Awesome! :slight_smile:

The reason why icons don’t work on income is because it might conflict with some payments.

Like a friend sending £10 with reference “Pizza Hut” might come up with the icon of the merchant.

That makes sense…how about custom icon upload(used in addition/or complementary to the emojis)…like I said it’s purely aesthetic.

The ability for custom icons would allow for a) those payers that don’t have Twitter to be selected (without having to set up a custom category b) using your employer logo for payroll, or a thumbnail of your friend who sends you pizza money…or whatever else you want to set up for income.

It’s actually convenient to see the logos of things on the front page(instead of the income icon, and having to dive deeper.

I never thought of doing this! Thanks for hack Jase!

The more fun part is decided which emoji to use for which person paying you in this instance… Cruel or kind :slight_smile:

What should I put for Emma when I get paid my salary :thinking:

Now you’re just asking for trouble. I know someone on the community you could ask… :eyes:

On second thoughts… why not create a gummy bear emoji!? Come on! I could then assign just the 1 Apple item on my statement that relates to Emma subscription too… come on! Do it!

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This is why I want customizable icons lol

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Everyday working at Emma is a gummy bear rave?

If you mean eating copious amounts of gummy bears then yes :grin:

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