HyperJar integration

Hey folks, any chance of adding integration for HyperJar?

I like the individual jars (saving pots) that HyperJar offers but for me, this is something I’d like Emma to adopt rather than provide an integration for a third party budgeting app. After all, that is supposed to be Emma’s domain. I think this is what the upcoming ‘Pockets’ will be. I would have liked to have seen this coupled with the Emma Debit Card (or virtual cards) which was talked about a year or so again which would effectively render HyperJar’s offering redundant for me.

@edoardomoreni could you shed some more light on ‘Pockets’ and whether this is similar in functionality? Also whether the debit card idea is well and truly off the table? I see virtual cards on the Roadmap so maybe this is the route Emma is taking?

Yes, it’s the same.

We should have pockets during summer. :slight_smile:

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