Exodus Wallet integration

Hello, would it be possible to have Exodus wallet integration to enable many more crypto-assets to be linked with Emma?

Hey @Marrioh :wave:

Welcome to the Emma community, and thanks for the integration request.

We don’t have an eta on adding Exodus, but I’ll update the thread here if we get any new info.

What is it that you like about Exodus?

Hi Rebekah,

Thanks for the welcome! What i like about Exodus is that it is a secure crypto wallet that has hardware wallet integration + has extensive support for hundreds of crypto assets with good portfolio tracking. It also has wide adoption so if Emma integrates with this you will capture a lot of crypto-asset tracking.

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Does anyone else have much experience using Exodus?

@Recchan, @TheMightySwordfish, @Gaoler, @sufyan98, @danjameswalker, @o99

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I’m a Ledger guy myself, haven’t heard about Exodus. I’ll give it a look

Concur with @danjameswalker, a Ledger guy :^ not that I don’t need to buy a new hardware wallet

I have used the Exodus wallet. It’s a good 1st wallet to get started with. I found the fees are high even when you can adjust them, but what you get is a nice UI and very easy to use. It also works on PC and Phone.

Exodus also links with Trezor hardware wallet ^^