Ethereum wallet ERC20 token support

I’ve connected my Ethereum wallet to Emma.

Emma displays the ETH in the wallet but does not display the ERC20 tokens so does not capture the full balance of the wallet.

Is this expected behaviour?

If it is, could you please add support for capturing the value of the ERC20 tokens?

Hey @o99!

This is on our radar :blush:

We’re going to finish a couple of other big features first, and then we’ll look into how we can improve the crypto side of things!



Are there any plans to add as a crypto wallet that can be linked to Emma?

Hii @Oliwbalazs :wave:

No eta at the moment, but we’ll keep it in mind!!

This seems to be supported now. Individual ERC20 tokens are listed underneath the Ethereum balance. But the total wallet value (ethereum + sum of ERC20 tokens) is not given.

What I think would be good with Ethereum wallets is for there to be some sense of hierarchy in the accounts list. The total wallet value could be a top level balance and then there could be indented rows below the total wallet entry which contain the etherum and ERC20 token balances.

For example

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Ethereum wallet
    - ETH
    - ERC20 Token 1
    - ERC20 Token 2
    - etc
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Thanks for this suggestion!

We are going to soon be working on Crypto and will make the adequate changes. :smiley: