Custom Category Backgrounds

I live custom categories but it gets on my nerves that the background isint able to match the default categories. My OCD wants them to all be similar in design but there is no (no background) option to select when making them.


Agree. I would almost prefer to just be able to choose from an icon set that all has a similar design and the same background vs an emoji. I want custom categories to fit in with native ones.

Hey Vlad! I totally get you those small details can be annoying! We’ll look into this should be a simple fix on our end!

I can create custom categories with no background colour - just avoid selecting a colour when creating a new category. However, what I can’t do is remove the colour from an existing custom category. It would be good to have the option of deselecting the background colour when editing an existing custom category. Probably the colour picker needs an explicit no background option.

I don’t want the option to apply a custom colour to go away entirely though. Personally I like to have the custom categories stand out from default categories.

I see yeah i think being able to turn them off would be great