Custom Categories In Emma

Monzo Pots are my best friends. Being able to separate all my money into different areas but can add/delete when necessary has been a life saver. Having to do it with normal savings accounts is a huge pain

Couldn’t Emma add a split account feature?

You could have a main real or manual account, then split the balance and name the sub-balance for a particular goal. Voila, you have pots in Emma!

For anyone that doesn’t use Monzo already this could be a cool idea!

I actually prefer to do this than do it via Monzo. Just let it be known that I’m down for this suggestion :slight_smile:

I have a ‘fun’ category.

But 3/4 of these category is a ‘bad choice’

I may have to re-adjust


Bad choices can be soooo much fun :joy:

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Have you tried a bad choice category? :joy:

Haha I’m intrigued what kind of things are going to go in this ‘bad choice’ category :see_no_evil: