Crypto category in Investments

Hi there,

Do you guys think it would make sense to put all the Crypto accounts under 1 category in the Investments tab?

Currently you get a category for every account. For example Coinbase, Binance, Eth wallet etc. I would really like to have a parent category (Crypto) with the total amount in £ next to it. Inside this category we could have sub categories for each account.



this was originally thought with the idea of separating sub-accounts.

For example, Coinbase returns 10 different accounts. If we had to put everything under one section without the grouping, it might be a bit confusing.


I no longer see the option to add Crypto in investment section. Did I miss a recent change?

It’s still there. :slight_smile:

I also no longer seem to have the ability to add new crypto related investments. When adding an account I only have access to Plaid or Offline Accounts

Hey @nwprince, it seems you are testing the new design. :slight_smile:

It’s not 100% finished yet, we are going to bring it back.

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