Add bitcoin as investment currency

I got some bitcoin on an service which is not listed and i cant add it manually as an investment in bitcoin currency. Is there any way to add this?
I dont hold the blockchain address so i cant add it that way

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Since non-GBP Fiat currencies are already supported in manual accounts I assume adding Bitcoin and perhaps some other cryptocurrency options would be relatively straightforward thing for Emma to add.

How do you not know the address? How would you send any Bitcoins you may have acquired elsewhere to the wallet or platform?

Welcome @Aesgan and thank you for the suggestion. We can build the interface to do this.

This is usually the case when buying and holding on platforms such as Revolut, Robinhood, BlockFi, etc…
They may give you an address that you can use to transfer bitcoin to, but that’s really just a transfer address for bitcoin to flow through and won’t reflect your balance.

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Thank you Antonio. In this case it would be for celsius.
Unfortunately i also have CEL there and I got NEXO on NEXo but if just add all coins u gonna open a can of worms… I think just having btc and eth would be good enough to keep track manually