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I joined the Wealthsimple family just before launching the integration with them. I currently have a very very humble direct debit of £50 that goes straight to their ISA account.

The app and website are extremely clean and simple. This is where I am at. :point_down::point_down:

What are your thoughts on this?

You can use my referral link to signup: https://wealthsimple.com/invite/PFVASW. :love_you_gesture:

They also charge a bit too much IMHO, at 0.7% + funds charges.

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Do you know any other robo advisors that charge less? :slight_smile:

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Fair point. Though what’s the benefit of robo vs passive it’s probably my catch here.

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Ahah, so what’s a better passive alternative?

Vanguard Investor or a bunch of low cost ETFs bought on De Giro. Anyone has ideas about alternatives?

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There are no alternatives really = Wealthsimple is good and reliable. The fees are very reasonable considering you have access to advisors. The advisors have truly unbiased and give their information and advice in a clear and useful way. No hard pressure selling etc. I have been with them since last October and yea - its good. All investments go up and down and at the moment are in a low due to the tension in Europe and also China and USA.
My father invested in antiques = ir didn’t work! The lottery - hmmm. A smart computer driven investment platform looks good to me!!

I thought you had access after x amount of money?

Nope, you can email them or request a phone call with any amount in. I needed quite a lot of help as to risk and how to manage the account. So had several phone calls to and from them. I am now friendly with Tom and James. If you look up these guys on Linkedin - they both have good qualifications and experience with investing. James told me that their biggest investor has over £1000,000 invested and sleeps well with it. For me, I have one ISA and another small account for day to day saving. Yes - well impressed with them. To the guy that found slightly cheaper fees elsewhere - I would say that good things don’t come cheap!

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Slightly off topic to ISA’s but has anyone tried Pension B? I have 3 different pensions from previous jobs and I want them all in one place. Is it worth doing?

Well I would give WealthSimple a call - and ask for a no commitment chat. You could email them. They do pensions and can combine them for you so they are easier to look after. I work in a large supermarket and our pension is poor - WealthSimple said they could get better returns and improve it. I know this sounds like an advert for them - but its not! Its just my experience. I am sure PensionB would also have similar arrangements. However, you need to ask about fees and also what profit generation they can make. I tried a private pension advisor once - never helped as much as the FINTECH bunch!!
pensions always scared me!!

Pensions have always worried me because I feel like you are going to go to all the trouble to contribute and then not be able to access them when you need to. Pension providers also never really notify you or get in touch, so it’s like they are trying to get you to forget you have a pension with them :rofl:That’s really useful though I will definitely look into WealthSimple :blush:Thanks Hans!

Yea good luck there Lilli - I looked up the staff on linkedin and found they were all well qualified and experienced. I got to know James first and he was very good at explaining things and making me feel easy. He is a nice bloke. The good thing about WealthSimple is they will combine all your pensions into one and you can monitor it every day and alter the risk/gain as you like. I chose to look at Wealthsimple initially simply because they are huge in USA. Now and again James and Tom give Webinars explaining things. They get my thumbs up!!
Good luck Lilli


I’m happy you found a good service and that this makes you happy. Satisfaction and peace of mind can justify a higher cost on investing, e.g. my father is happy to invest through his bank because he can pop up and chat with the financial advisers there.

However, there’s not fit-for-all solution and I’d rather stick with DeGiro (or Vanguard) than WealthSimple in my case.


Hey can you tell us the advantages of these two please? :blush:

Price, basically, which is probably the most important factor for longterm investing.

Otherwise, they’re chalk and cheese.

Vanguard is probably the right choice if you’re looking for a simple solution.

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Price is definitely the most important!

Thanks for the tips :sunglasses:

Hi Lilli,

Yes, the main advantage of both is lower commissions if you compare them to Wealthsimple/Wealthify/Nutmeg or any roboadvisor.

The following is not financial advice but just some publicly available information.

They offer a range of funds you can invest in. Their account fees are 0.15% of the invested capital, capped at £375 per year. On top you need to add the fees for the fund you choose. Their very popular LifeStrategy funds charge a 0.22% fee. Thus, in total, you are paying around 0.37% if you are below the cap. The choice of funds and investments is limited to few Vanguard-branded options.

They are one of the cheapest stockbrokers on the market I could find. Their fees are very low and they also have a list of ETFs for which you pay no commission (subject to few terms and conditions). DeGiro trades everything you can think of.

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Thank you, I am definitely going to look into both :blush: Love how helpful the Emma community is, I am learning so much!