Triodos Bank Integration

Would it be possible to add Triodos to your list of banks please. (They are a UK based sustainable impact investment bank)

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I’m keen too

And me. An ETA would be useful

Just opened a new account with them for their work on the environment etc, hoping Emma will be able to link with them soon?


They don’t have an API. :pensive:

So does no API mean it is not going to happen?

I am able to link them with Moneyhub

They don’t support the Open Banking standard, but we are going to take a look.

We had taken a look at Triodos and they don’t use Open Banking, but use the “German API standard”, which is not something we support.

However, we have decided to try to integrate it this or next week. I am not sure we are going to be 100% successful, but we’ll make an attempt.

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We are still working on this - it will soon be available.

This is now available :slight_smile: